From Jakarta to Toronto: Indonesian Students Embark on a Global Educational Journey

In an exciting and educational adventure, a group of enthusiastic students from The World Scholars Youth Programs have embarked on an unforgettable journey to the vibrant city of Toronto. Their journey began in Jakarta, where a group of eager students eagerly awaited the next chapter of their educational experience. As they bid farewell to their families and friends, excitement and anticipation filled the air.

One of the parents said

“I am truly happy that IIEC make a program that builds the students character development so that they can go on to utilize this opportunity for their future”

Accompanied by their chaperones, they embarked on a flight to Hong Kong, a city known for its fascinating blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Upon arriving in Hong Kong, the students found themselves immersed in a dynamic metropolis filled with skyscrapers. After transiting in Hongkong they finally arrived at Toronto, students that armed with a thirst for knowledge are greeted by the iconic skyline, bustling streets, and the warm hospitality from the people in Toronto.

Otsman one of the students said

“I hope that i can maximize the opportunities that given to me, so that I can make this program useful for me and being able to share my experience with my family”