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The World Scholars Youth Program 2022

In 2022, The World Scholars Youth Program (TWSYP22) provided a transformative educational experience for 108 students hailing from the International Islamic Boarding School, International Islamic Secondary School, and International Islamic High School Republic of Indonesia.

This seven-week program, running from June to August, was marked by a strong academic focus, distinguishing it from its 2023 program.Hosted by our esteemed education partner, Braemar College, TWSYP22 aimed to give students a deep and immersive understanding of studying abroad. Unlike the project-based approach of the 2023 program, TWSYP22 focused on a more structured academic curriculum, encompassing a wide range of subjects including English as a second language, mathematics, science, art, technology, and sports.

Braemer College - Education - Toronto
CampusOne Student Residences

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In addition to academic rigor, TWSYP22 offered a unique opportunity for students to obtain an Ontario Secondary School transcript, recognized and accredited by the Ontario Department of Education. This credential added an extra layer of credibility to the program and provided students with valuable documentation of their academic achievements.
The program also featured enriching experiences outside the classroom. Students had the chance to explore historic and natural landmarks, including the renowned Niagara Falls. These excursions were an integral part of the program, providing students with a broader perspective of the world and its diverse cultures.
State of the art student accomodation facilities
Fully catered breakfast, lunch and dinner included daily
Accommodation for TWSYP22 was provided by two trusted partners: Campus One and Parkside student residence. Campus One, located in downtown Toronto, offered a comfortable and convenient living environment. Meanwhile, Parkside student residence added diversity to the students’ housing experience, further enriching their time in Toronto.
In summary, TWSYP22 in 2022 was a seven-week academic program that catered to 108 students from Indonesia. It provided a structured and rigorous curriculum, the opportunity to obtain an Ontario Secondary School transcript, and immersive experiences in Toronto, all while staying in trusted accommodations. This program aimed to equip students with valuable skills and knowledge, preparing them to excel in a globalized world.

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